God sure knew what He was doing when He created music and singing. Music touches a part of us that nothing else touches. Singing can tell a story, give a testimony and help us lift up our praise to God in a way that nothing else will. When we come into His presence with praise He restores and heals our often tired, worn spirits and sends us on our way rejoicing. 


The single most powerful thing in this world is the Word of God. It changes lives when all hope is gone. It has led countless millions to find lives of peace, happiness and joy. It shows us Gods plan for our lives today and is a road map for our future. Although nations will fall and this old world will go through many changes God's Word will never change. At the very end when all else has passed The Word will still be there unchanged, tried and true.


Reaching out to those who have never heard the Gospel was the last command Jesus gave to His followers before he ascended into Heaven. He said that we should go and teach all nations to live by His Word. There is still a very big world out there where many have never heard that Jesus loves them. It is our job to share the Good News that Jesus can change their lives.